Short Film


by Daniel Acht
Short film 8 minutes, ZDF/KiKa, with Wolkenlenker

Wombo the alien lands in distress on planet Earth. He is chased by a dog, ends up in a vegetable basket and nearly gets cooked for dinner! But why is it all happening to him? The reason is simple: our alien friend happens to look like a potato!

Cast and Crew

GIRL Jette Spangenberg
MOTHER Diana Borgwards
DOG Caspar

SCRIPT: Daniel Acht
DIRECTOR: Daniel Acht
EDITOR: David Fabra
MUSIC: Philipp Kadelbach
ANIMATION: Fiftyeight
PRODUCED BY: Christopher Zitterbart, Daniel Acht, Sebastian Wehner  

In collaboration with WOLKENLENKER for ZDF/KiKa